Toledo Campus: Associate of Science Degree in Health Sciences

Health Sciences

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Start your career and extend your career options with a degree in the allied health field

Mercy College of Ohio’s Associate of Science degree in Health Sciences provides an opportunity to explore health professions and allied health fields. It serves as a launchpad for students interested in either the clinical or administrative sides of healthcare. The program provides a solid foundation for students who may wish to take the time to explore the right career path.

Program Overview

Whether you're looking for a career in allied health or ready to build on existing knowledge and experience to progress in your career, earning an Associate of Science in Health Sciences degree will help you reach your educational and professional goals.

The fundamentals of this program equip you to explore a wide variety of health professions and continued education. The program provides an academic gateway to other Mercy College programs including the Bachelor of Science in Biology, Bachelor of Science of Nursing Pre-licensure, and Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration Completion.

Why pursue a health sciences degree?

  • 2-year program commitment
  • Starts your career right away
  • Transitions smoothly into bachelor's degree education
  • Helps you explore various health professions
  • Provides a solid background in healthcare

What health professions can you start with this degree?

Students who don't continue their education in another healthcare program typically explore careers like:

  • Medical record administration
  • Health informatics or health information technology
  • Medical laboratory technician
  • Health science writing
  • Medical assistant
  • Pharmacy technician

Sample program of study for Associate of Science Degree in Health Sciences.

Graduates of the Associate of Science in Health Sciences will be:
  1. committed to social engagement, demonstrating the knowledge and skills required to be an active participant in the betterment of society.
  2. committed to intellectual inquiry, able to identify, evaluate, and propose solutions to problems in creative ways.
  3. effective communicators, able to write, speak, and listen as a professional in the graduate's chosen field.
  4. proficient with ethical reasoning, using the Mercy Values as part of graduate’s everyday decision-making process.
  5. professionally competent, displaying the capacity to successfully join the workforce in one’s desired field upon graduating.

Program Outcomes

Admission Requirements

Entrance into Mercy College of Ohio requires either an earned diploma from an accredited high school, a homeschooled program in a college preparatory course of study, or a general equivalency diploma (GED).

Following are the requirements for admission to Mercy College of Ohio:

  • Cumulative high school grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher or a general equivalence diploma (GED) recipient with a score of 500 (score of 53 prior to 2002).
  • ACT (American College Test) or SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) test scores