Student Records

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Our Mission

As a member of the Division of Academic Affairs, the Student Records Office supports the educational mission of Mercy College of Ohio while conducting itself in accordance with College policy and state and federal law as well as maintaining a focus on the core values and vision of the College.

The Office of Student Records is responsible for providing efficient, timely and personable service to students, while maintaining accurate student academic records. The Student Record’s Office provides the following services:

  • Compiling and posting the schedule of classes with the assistance of academic departments;
  • Maintaining the College’s online registration, grade processing and student class schedule generation program (EMPOWER ME);
  • Posting student academic standing (President's List, Deans' list, Honor's List, Academic Probation, and Academic Dismissal) in conjunction with the Vice-President of Academic affairs;
  • Certifying degree completions, posting degrees, and processing diplomas;
  • Processing Student Change of Status Requests (Name and Address Changes);
  • Processing Change of Major requests and Program of Candidacy Forms (Applications for Program of Study once student is enrolled);
  • Issuing academic transcripts for Mercy College of Ohio, Mercy College of Northwest Ohio, Mercy School of Nursing, St. Vincent School of Nursing, and St. Vincent School of Radiography;
  • Processing Enrollment Verification Requests for insurance and student loan purposes;
  • Evaluating transfer credit; and
  • Processing requests for Credit-By-Examination.


In addition to the above services, the Student Records office is responsible for:

  • Generating the academic calendar, add/drop/withdraw dates, and final exam schedule;
  • Planning Commencement activities;
  • Gathering statistical data required by State and Federal agencies, as well as, internal institutional data; and
  • Implementing State, Federal and Institutional policies and procedures such as Student Right to Know/Transfer Out Rate Information

The Student Records Department