Student Records Forms

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The Student Records office is where forms originate and where they are filed. If you need a transcript sent to another school, are dropping or adding a class, or need to change your status, you will find the forms you need here.

  • Document .pdfAcademic Dismissal Appeal Form

    Appeal form contesting academic dismissal (college or program dismissal)

  • Document .pdfAcademic Integrity Appeal Form

    Form to be used to appeal an academic integrity violation

  • Document .pdfAdministrative Appeals Form

    The form to request an administrative or policy appeal

  • Document .pdfCandidacy for Program of Study - Allied Health

    Complete this form and checklist regarding admission to a program of study within the Allied Health Division

  • Document .pdfCandidacy for Program of Study - Associate of Applied Science in Nursing

    Complete this form and checklist regarding admission consideration into the Associate of Applied Science Nursing program

  • FormCandidacy for Program of Study - Bachelor of Science in Nursing

    Students who wish to be considered for the BSN program at Mercy College of Ohio should complete this form.

    View Form
  • Document .pdfChange of Name/Address Form

    Complete this form and submit coordinated documentation to update your name or address on file at Mercy College

  • Document .pdfDrop Withdrawal Leave Request Form

    This form is used by students to request a course drop, withdrawal or leave from Mercy College

  • Document .pdfEmergency Contact Form

    Form used to update/revise emergency contact information.

  • Document .pdfEnrollment Verification Request Form

    To request an enrollment of degree verification for Mercy School of Nursing, St. Vincent School of Nursing, and St. Vincent School of Radiography you must complete this form.

  • Document .pdfGraduate Change of Program of Study Form

    Complete and submit this form, after reviewing with an academic advisor, to update your graduate level major or minor

  • External LinkGED Transcript Request

    Use this site to request a transcript for a GED credential earned before 2014

    Visit Link
  • Document .pdfCourse Grade Appeal Form

    A student disputing a final course grade or final clinical evaluation may submit an appeal using the grade appeal request form

  • MercyCollege.eduSpring 2020 Grading Policy

  • Document .pdfGraduation Application

    Complete this graduation application in accordance with your academic advisor.

  • Document .pdfIndependent Study Proposal Form

    Submit this form to propose an independent study, within the guidelines of course development

  • Document .pdfLetter of Recommendation Release Form

    School officials should complete this form as a formal agreement to provide a student with a written recommendation.

  • Document .pdfPost Enrollment Transfer Credit Form

    The Post Enrollment Transfer Credit Form must be completed prior to enrolling in a course(s) at another institution.

  • Document .pdfRelease and Consent for Disclosure of Student Education Records

    In accordance with Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), students at Mercy College of Ohio may choose to complete and submit this form to the Office of Student Records allowing the release of their education records to specified third parties.

  • Document .pdfRequest For Incomplete Grade Form

    Request For Incomplete Grade Form

  • Document .pdfRequest to Opt Out of Directory Information

    By completing this form, you are requesting that your directory information (described in this document) not be released without your express written consent unless otherwise allowed under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

  • Document .pdfRequest for Transcript (from another institution)

    Complete the following and submit it to all high school, colleges or universities you have previously attended

  • FormStudent ID Badge Request

    Complete this form to request a student ID badge.

    View Form
  • Document .pdfUndergraduate Change of Program of Study Form

    Complete and submit this form, after reviewing with an academic advisor, to update your undergraduate major or minor

  • Document .pdfWaiver/Substitution Form

    Complete this form to request an adjustment, waiver, or substitution for a student's courses within a program