Youngstown Orientation

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Congratulations on your admission to Mercy College!

Our commitment to help you succeed begins the minute you step on campus. The goal of arientation is to ease your transition to Mercy College. The team is planning for your arrival and is excited to assist you during this transitional time.

Please use this site to the fullest and make sure you have read and completed all the steps and documents listed below. This is your first step to graduating from Mercy College. Take this preparation seriously! Students who do not complete steps accurately and thoroughly will be delayed during academic advising and registration.

Take the Next Steps

Contact the Admissions Office regarding this step.

Review your admissions letter to determine if you need to take the Accuplacer Placement Test. Students who need to complete Accuplacer will be notified of this prior to acceptance. The assessment will be administered at the Youngstown location and must be taken prior to being admitted. Students admitted as pre-major and place into remedial course work could delay enrollment into Mercy College and the nursing program.

We are currently scheduling Accuplacer tests for after April 15. Please call Darnell Irvine between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Orientation is mandatory for enrollment into the Youngstown nursing program. Admitted/matriculated Mercy College students are required to attend orientation. Schedule your orientation session here. Please note the importance of scheduling your orientation session early as there is limited space at each session. Admitted/matriculated students must attend orientation in order to register for classes, meet with academic advisors and learn about the college policies and procedures.

Please note that orientation is only for admitted/matriculated Mercy College students and not guests as spacing is limited.

Review information regarding financial aid here. Please contact the Financial Aid Office with any questions.

All new students and students returning after an absence of six months or longer are required to complete the background check, drug screen and health records process prior to the first day of the semester. Passing the background check and fingerprinting and completing the health records allows students to enroll in clinical coursework required for program completion. Please review your next steps here.

If this process is not completed, you will not be able to participate in clinicals.
  • Document .pdfMemo to Entering Nursing Students - Youngstown

    This is a Memo from the Nursing Program Chair that welcomes new students into the Associate Degree Nursing Program at the Youngstown location. It also includes a list of items that must be purchased before your program begins.


As soon as current courses are completed, arrange to have your final academic transcript sent to:

Mercy College Student Records Office

2221 Madison Avenue

Toledo, OH 43604

This allows for full evaluation of transfer credit. You will be required to take previously completed courses if official transcripts are not received showing completion of such courses.

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