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Message from President Wajert Regarding Fall 2020

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Latest Update

May 15, 2020 Update

Dear Faculty, Staff and Students:

Welcome to Mercy College of Ohio Summer Semester!

I hope that all of you are safe and well as you begin your summer coursework. As these unprecedented times continue, we want you to know that the health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff are top priorities.

All summer courses will be offered in the online format, except one very specific course that is being offered on campus.


We have been informed by Bon Secours Mercy Health leadership that we can re-enter clinical experiences on July 1, 2020. Students will not be permitted in any COVID area or in isolation rooms to preserve personal protective equipment (PPE).

SUMMER Toledo Campus Hours

For Urgent Situations Only

The hours of the College are being adjusted to meet the needs of students who need to use a computer or study in private:

Dates Time Administrator on Campus

Tuesdays and Thursdays from May 19-May 28, 2020 1pm-5pm
Wajert or Bates on Tuesdays Edgeworth or Erwin on Thursdays

Tuesdays and Thursdays from June 2-June 30, 2020 11am-5pm
Wajert or Bates on Tuesdays Edgeworth or Erwin on Thursdays

Thursdays and Tuesdays from July 2- August 6, 2020 1pm-5pm
Wajert or Bates on Tuesdays Edgeworth or Erwin on Thursdays

Wednesdays from May 20-August 5, 2020 10am-2pm
Adkins or Fleming

Procedures for entering the College:

Everyone must use the main entrance on Jefferson Avenue (grocery store doors). Upon entering, your temperature will be checked, and if it is 100 degrees (F) or higher, you will not be permitted to stay on campus. You will also be asked to sign-in, as well as wear a mask (cloth masks are appropriate). If you are coming to campus for the class, please follow the directions provided by your instructor/program director. There will be instructions in the lobby as well. Also, please follow these hygiene practices:

· Wash hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water (often).

· Cover and sneeze into your elbow if your mask is off for any reason (Mask is required).

· Throw away tissues immediately and wash your hands or use hand sanitizer.

· Do not put your hands on or near your face – especially your nose, mouth, and eyes.

· Use hand sanitizer if handwashing is not possible.

· Stay at least 6 feet away from others even with mask in place.

· Use disinfecting wipes in your classroom/work space – the area must dry at least 10 minutes after cleaning the area.

If you are coming into the College to study or use the computer lab, please go directly to the sixth-floor Jefferson Avenue computer lab and maintain physical/social distancing of at least six feet in addition to wearing a mask. Study cubicles should only be used on the sixth floor Jefferson Avenue. These rules need to be followed for the health and well-being of everyone.

There are disinfecting wipes at the reception desk on Jefferson sixth floor that should be used to clean the cubicles /computers when you are finished. Please ensure that you clean the area(s) where you have worked to stop the spread of the virus. The area must dry at least 10 minutes for the disinfectant to be effective.

SUMMER Youngstown Location Hours

Most faculty and staff will be working remotely from home. So, if you need one of them, please contact them via email, phone, or Canvas. We are keeping the College open for those students who may not have a reliable computer at home, which will be important for you to stay connected to your lectures. The hours at Youngstown will be the following: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10am-12n. If you are coming to the College to meet with nursing faculty outside of the scheduled hours, please follow the guidelines that they provide to you. Do not come to the campus if you have a temperature of !00 degrees (F) or above or have any of the symptoms of COVID-19. Please use all outlined hygiene practices currently in place as noted above for Toledo students.

There will be a process for coming to the College for computer use:

1. When you arrive at the College, go directly to the fourth floor and register with either Darnell LaRosa or Tina Fowler. You will sign-in, so a record can be kept of who was on campus.

2. A staff member will accompany you to Computer Lab A on the second floor in order that you may complete your work (and to keep track of which computer you are working on).

3. Prior to using the computer, please use hand sanitizer that will be in the Computer Lab.

4. Upon completion of your tasks, return to the fourth floor to sign out.

5. Either Tina or Darnell will terminally clean the computer you used.

Student Affairs Assistance – Summer Semester

Academic Support and Tutoring Services

Academic support resources, such as tutoring in Nursing or other related disciplines (Sciences, Math & Writing) are available by contacting the Student Success Center at (419) 251-1734,, or accessing the webpage ( Youngstown, you can contact Somia Abou-Osman at (330) 480-3145 or

Students have access to Smartthinking, the FREE, 24/7 online tutoring software that is available through Canvas. Also, on Canvas you will find the Student Success folder that houses resources as well as other helpful materials.

Counseling and Wellness

For counseling and well-being assistance please contact Suzanne Hall at (419) 251-1454 or

In Youngstown, please contact Ann Bair at (330) 480-2874 or Also, please access the Counseling & Wellness webpage ( or the Student Success folder on Canvas for these resources.

Campus Ministry and Pastoral Care

Pastoral care resources are available by contacting Annie Devine at (419) 251-1866,, or Insecurity

If you have food insecurity issues, please feel free to contact Annie Devine at or Pastoral care resources and food pantry inquires can also be found in the Campus Life folder on Canvas.

These are challenging times and we want to ensure that you are aware, and can access, these valuable resources. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our services. Your success is our priority and is why we do what we do!


If you have further questions, please refer to the updates posted at Please check the website frequently to remain informed. You may also ask questions using the form that is on the website. The Director of Communication is triaging the questions, and you will receive a prompt response

I will continue to provide updates as necessary. Please stay safe and be healthy. We are Mercy Strong! Thank you.

Warmest regards,

Susan Wajert


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