College Hours and Entrance Instructions

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Toledo Campus Hours

The guidelines for both Toledo and Youngstown follow:

General Rules for on campus interaction to protect the health and well-being of students/faculty/staff:

The College hours will be Monday-Friday from 8:00 am-5:00 pm (except classes that are in session after 5:00 pm or on the weekends). All student services will be provided in the online/remote environment except urgent needs where an appointment may be scheduled. All safety protocol must be followed in these circumstances. Members of the administrative team will be on campus during the hours of operation. Executive staff members will be on campus as follows:

Monday – Dr. Wajert (President)

Tuesday – Dr. Bates (Vice-President of Academic Affairs/Dean of Faculty)

Wednesday – Mr. Marc Adkins (Vice-President of Student Affairs)

Thursday – Mr. Lori Edgeworth (Vice-President of Enrollment, Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness)

Friday – Ms. Leslie Erwin (Director of Compliance and Risk Management/Title IX)

ID Badges must always be worn while on campus both in Toledo and Youngstown. Students/faculty/staff should not come to campus if they are ill with any COVID or other symptoms.


Enter Jefferson side of the building (grocery store-type doors) with your face-covering in place. Face coverings must always be worn while on campus unless in a private office space with door closed or partially closed.

Please stand at least six feet from others if anyone is waiting for their temperature to be taken. Physical distancing of six feet must always be followed for safety purposes.

Please use good hand hygiene and/or hand sanitizer.

All open/congregate spaces on-campus will be closed – no lounge accessibility, etc.

Restroom signs are in place for numbers permitted in restroom. Please adhere to all signage on campus.

Please follow all directions for elevator and stairwell use. Elevators are limited to two individuals at a time. Stairwells may be used to go down only and in case of an emergency.

The computers will be available from 9:00 am-5:00 pm on the 6th floor Jefferson for use by students. Please, urgent situations only and please limit copying to 100 pages or less so that others may print as well.

Study cubicles will be available for urgent situations only from 9:00 am-5:00 pm on the 6th floor Jefferson.

Please arrive on campus when instructed by your faculty or staff member and leave as soon as your activity/appointment is completed.

Cleaning wipes will be provided in all rooms – please clean your work/study area before and after you have finished your work/study, etc. Verasure and Virex wipes must dry for 10 minutes to be effective.

Youngstown Location Hours

Open Hours beginning August 3, 2020

Monday through Friday 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Instructions for Entering Youngstown Location

Most faculty and staff will be working remotely from home. So, if you need one of them, please contact them via email, phone, or Canvas. We are keeping the College open for those students who may not have a reliable computer at home, which will be important for you to stay connected to your lectures. If you are coming to the College to meet with nursing faculty outside of the scheduled hours, please follow the guidelines that they provide to you. Do not come to the campus if you have a temperature of 100 degrees (F) or above or have any of the symptoms of COVID-19. Please use all outlined hygiene practices currently in place as noted above for Toledo students.

There will be a process for coming to the College for computer use:

1. When you arrive at the College, go directly to the fourth floor and register with either Darnell LaRosa or Tina Fowler. You will sign-in, so a record can be kept of who was on campus.

2. A staff member will accompany you to Computer Lab A on the second floor in order that you may complete your work (and to keep track of which computer you are working on).

3. Prior to using the computer, please use hand sanitizer that will be in the Computer Lab.

4. Upon completion of your tasks, return to the fourth floor to sign out.

5. Either Tina or Darnell will terminally clean the computer you used.