Background Checks, Drug Test, and Health Records

Clinical Program/Practicum Students

Welcome to Mercy College of Ohio!

Please bookmark this page to help you locate important information needed for your journey as a Mercy College clinical/practicum student. Here you will find answers to your questions regarding your clinical health requirements, background check/fingerprinting and drug test, and other helpful information.

Step #1: Gather Requirements Documentation

Share the Physical/Health Screening and Clinical Requirements document with your Provider to determine what titers (blood tests) are needed to prove immunity; as well as any additional tests that must be completed. If local Provider not available, see Resources for Obtaining Health Requirements under FAQs and Tips below.

NOTE: Tuberculosis (TB) skin test can be done on the same day as live vaccines (MMR, Varicella) but if not given on the same day, the TB skin test must be delayed at least 4 weeks after the live vaccines (live vaccines can reduce immune response to the TB skin test).

  • Students unable to receive vaccinations due to temporary or permanent circumstances should review Exemption or Due Date Extensions for Clinical Requirements posted under FAQs and Tips below. Requests require additional documentation and should be made a minimum of two weeks prior to the due date to allow processing time.
  • Exemption/due date extension requests are not automatically approved. If a clinical site that will accept the exemption/waiver request cannot be found, student will not be able to complete the course – and may not be able to continue in the program. Requests are subject to acceptance/denial each semester as clinical sites change

Step #2: Castlebranch Overview and Placing Orders


CastleBranch is the depository for clinical documentation, and CastleBranch reviewers ensure that information submitted meets the program requirements.

The CastleBranch instructions and forms for completing the fingerprinting and drug test must be followed; results from other parties are not accepted. Items within the CastleBranch account must remain current to maintain eligibility for clinical participation.

Because most clinical sites are in Ohio, on-campus students complete FBI and OHIO fingerprinting (Michigan fingerprints are not accepted). This may vary for out-of-state or online students or those whose clinical/practicum sites have different requirements.

The CastleBranch account contains:

  • Clinical Health Requirements
  • Drug Test (results automatically uploaded to student account)
  • Fingerprinting (normal processing time can take up to a month; fingerprint reports are uploaded to student account within two business days of receipt)
    • Student must:
      • Acknowledge receipt of instructions/fingerprint registration form
      • Enter date fingerprinting was scheduled and/or completed
  • Background Check (processes automatically once the CastleBranch order is placed) Results are uploaded to student account when complete


CastleBranch FAQs regarding order placement can be found here:

Mercy College of Ohio program package codes and deadlines can be verified under FAQs and Tips. Place orders by accessing the CastleBranch Custom Ordering Portal:

access the CastleBranch custom ordering portal

A comprehensive video library of frequently asked help topics is available in CastleBranch.

Other Tips

Information provided under FAQs and Tips is updated whenever new resources are available.

  • Upload PDF documents to CastleBranch for best results (photos become blurry). Use a phone scanning app for convenience.
  • Students may be asked to provide a CastleBranch To-Do List (TDL) Summary to verify eligibility to attend clinicals (refer to Printing the CastleBranch To-Do List (TDL) Summary and Uploading Clinical Verification to Canvas - TDL Summary under FAQs and Tips).
  • “Compliant” is a temporary status. The TDL Summary is modified whenever new documentation becomes due/is submitted/approved and the “Compliant Until” date is updated.
  • CastleBranch emails reminders when renewal items are due; however, the space to upload renewal documents will not appear until 21 days before current document expires.

Returning Students

Clinical students follow Policy 530 Clinical Compliance Policy.

Students returning to clinicals within three semesters must ensure that all CastleBranch information is compliant and that any new requirements have been met. Students who have been absent for longer than three semesters must purchase new CastleBranch accounts.

For help with questions not answered here, please contact CastleBranch or reach out to the program contact identified in Mercy College Contacts by Program under FAQs and Tips below.

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Clinical Requirements Information

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Additional Program Specific Requirements

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  • Document .pdfNational Incident Management System (NIMS) Certificate Verifications - EMT and Paramedic Students Only

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FAQs and Tips

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