ASN Skills Mapping

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Healthcare Products

Basic Hygiene

  • Bath: shaving, tepid sponge bath, sitz bath
  • Bed making: underpads (chux)
  • Bed positions
  • Skin care, Nail & Foot care
  • Oral/Denture care: conscious & unconscious
  • Yankauer oral suction tube
  • Back rubs
  • Foley /Perineal care

Standard Precautions

  • Handwashing
  • Sterile technique

Wound Care: assessment, dressings

  • Gowns/Masks
  • Disposal


  • Feeding
  • Body weight: bed scales, standing scale
  • EPC/SCD’s cuffs
  • Anti- embolism hose
  • Oxygen: flow meters, cannula, masks, ambu
  • Incentive Spirometer/Cough & Deep Breathe
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Specimen Collection: sputum
  • Air Mattress/Acrylon pads


  • Intake & Output
  • Bed pan/Urinal/Foleys/Speci hats
  • Specimen collection: urine, stool (hemoccult)
  • Foley/Urinometer/Condom Catheter/Leg bag
  • Enemas: large volume, small volume
  • Elimination: history and assessment
  • Urinary Catheterization: Male and Female


  • Bed Mechanics
  • Restraints/Protective devices: soft, mitts, vest
  • Transfer activities & Techniques/Devices: slipp slide, hoyer (lifts), stretcher, wheelchair
  • Mobility aides: canes, walkers, crutches
  • Positioning/Turning: traction, abductor pillow
  • Range of Motion (ROM)
  • Bedcradles

Physical Observation/Changes

  • Vital Signs with Pulse ox, Pain Assessment

Physical Assessment

  • Nursing History
  • Head to toe assessment

Drugs & Solutions

  • Calculations/Conversions
  • Testing: Po (oral), Parenteral, IV

Clinical Lab Simulation

Medication Administration: PO, IM, SQ, ID, insulin, heparin, D&S, injection sites

Peri -op (Pre and Post)

Discharge Planning

Casts: assessment and care of

Traction: assessment and care of, types

Principles of Venipuncture: IV starts

IV therapy: assessment, site care, Saline locks, cont infusions, IVP, IVPB, tubing changes,

Infusion Pumps

IV calculations

Clinical Lab Simulation

Tubes: NG/GT/FT etc, assessment care of, Insertion, Enteral Feedings

Oropharyngeal Suction: airways

Stoma Therapy: assessment, care of, equipment, products, pouching, colostomy irrigation

Fecal Management Systems

PCA/Pain Management pumps

Breast & Testicular assessments

Physical Assessment: History and Head to Toe (GI/GU)

Virtual IV (VIV)

Clinical Lab Simulation

Clinical Lab Simulation

Cardiac Monitoring: EKG interpretation (normal)

Central Lines/PICCs: assessment, site care, blood draws, dressing changes

Advanced Resp/Cardiac/Peripheral Vascular Assessments

Drugs and Solutions: advanced calculations- drips (Heparin, Aminophylline, Dopamine, Nitro)

Clinical Lab Simulation

Newborn assessment

Post-Partum assessment

Pediatric physical assessment

Pediatric calculations: safe dose, conversions

Tracheostomy: assessment, care of

Tracheal/Endo-tracheal/Naso- tracheal/Nasopharyngeal Suctioning

Cardiac Monitoring: EKG interpretation (VT,VF)

Drugs and Solutions: advanced calculations- drips Example: (Heparin, Dopamine, Nitro)

Clinical Lab Simulation