Mercy College Students Learn Using Cutting Edge Anatomage Table

Kathryn Bubrig
Students at Mercy College of Ohio are using equipment unlike any other to prepare for careers in healthcare and beyond. The most recent addition includes the Anatomage Table, an eight foot, state-of-the-art virtual cadaver table with advanced touchscreen 3D technology.
The digital platform allows each student to experience dissection, gross anatomy and clinical cases and skills application from the same starting point. The Anatomage Table builds on the traditional anatomy experience by allowing students to revert to a previous view of a structure, layer or system in an environment where students can take a discovery approach. Each new student starts with the same view and perspective, which makes learning from any point of knowledge possible.
Trevor Bates, DHSc, AT, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty at Mercy College, offers insight into the advantages provided by the Anamotage Table for the Mercy College community. “Faculty and academic staff will use the Anatomage Table in many of our current programs to provide a structural foundation, to supplement anatomical models and to provide a perspective for many of the procedures students will perform during their clinical education and in their future professional careers,” Dr. Bates explained. “The Anatomage Table allows students to view the cadaver at any angle and both lying flat and standing to replicate potential positions they will find their patients in when they are providing care.”
The addition of the Anatomage Table at Mercy College allows students on all levels to have access to human and animal cadaver anatomy dissection. The Anatomage Table complements existing programs at Mercy College including helping Radiologic Technology and Medical Imaging students visualize the structures they will be imaging on patients in the hospital setting. Nursing students are able to view the path of injections they will give to patients and gain an appreciation for the need for accuracy and depth. The detailed, intense learning provided through the Anatomage Table will impact Mercy College students for years to come.
The Anatomage Table will not only supplement the learning experience for Mercy College students but will also be used by Mercy Health Toledo in the graduate medical education and Mercy Sports Medicine programs. The over $80,000 purchase of the Anatomage Table was completely funded through private donations and grants. Key contributors were the Ruth Kelly Foundation, Frederick Douglass Foundation, Mercy Health Foundation and the Mercy College Auxiliary among others. 
Images of a demonstration of the Anatomage Table are below.
Image of demonstration of Anatomage Table  Image of demonstration of Anatomage Table  Image of demonstration of Anatomage Table

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