Camp Scrubs: June 19-22, 2017

Kathryn Bubrig

Camp Scrubs is the summer adventure to experience what it takes to be a healthcare rockstar!

2017 Camp Scrubs logo and dates

Camp Scrubs, summer camp for kids entering 6th through 9th grade, gives campers firsthand experiences of healthcare.

During Camp Scrubs, campers are introduced to the human body via gross anatomy, followed by fun, profession specific activities involving medical imaging, neurology and mental health, digestive health and nutrition, and cardiopulmonary health.

During Camp Scrubs, campers are split into two groups based on the grade they are entering and perform several grade-appropriate healthcare related activities. Younger campers learn how to take a pulse and blood pressure, blood typing, grow bacteria, dissect an eyeball (cow), and how to conduct a health history and assessment. Older campers are challenged to start an I.V. on simulator, dissect a brain (pig), identify symptoms of a heart attack and stroke, explain how body systems work together, and learn CPR.  

Campers utilize the same skills labs, simulators and modalities used to train providers and students. Mercy Health providers offer candid question and answer sessions allowing campers to ask what it is really like to have a career in healthcare. 

Camp Scrubs introduces campers to careers in healthcare paying special attention to academic programs offered at Mercy College including nursing, ophthalmic technology, polysomnographic technology, and radiologic technology as well as pre-med, biology, and health information technology. Campers learn about academic requirements and the student experience at the College.

Camp Scrubs runs for four days starting on June 19, 2017 ending on June 22, all activities take place at the Mercy Health facility on Jefferson Avenue. The fee for camp is $180 and includes lunch and snacks daily, camp materials, and Camp Scrubs t-shirt. Camp Scrubs 2017 is currently full. Questions may be directed to Justin Ways at the contact information below. 

Camp Scrubs Contact:
Justin Ways, PhD, MSBS
Assistant Professor, Science and Allied Health, Administrative Fellow

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