Mercy College/Bowling Green State University Update from Mercy College President, Dr. Susan Wajert

Kathryn Bubrig

There has been a change in the plans to transfer operations of Mercy College to Bowling Green State University (BGSU) that was announced in September 2018.

Through our discussions with BGSU over the last several months, we have changed the way we are collaborating to achieve the goals of strengthening and expanding the pipeline of nursing and allied health professionals. Therefore, the transfer of operations to BGSU will not occur at this time and the two institutions will remain independent. The focus moving forward will be to develop partnerships and explore opportunities for students as well as new academic programs.

I am very excited about this new direction, and be assured that Mercy College students in both Toledo and Youngstown will continue to be educated in the Mercy tradition. I am confident that we can achieve these goals through the development of new nursing and health sciences programs and joint initiatives with BGSU.

If you have questions, please send them to

Susan Wajert, PhD, President

Mercy College of Ohio

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