Mercy College faculty engaged in community science events

Kathryn Bubrig

Mercy College of Ohio faculty members recently participated in events geared toward encouraging the interest and pursuit of math, science, and allied health endeavors by high school students.

Picture of Students at Science DayOn February 20, science and math faculty sponsored a Science Day at the college for high school students. The theme for the event was “Wonders of the Brain.” Students explored sexual differentiation of the brain and discussed how men and women think differently based on the different parts of the brain utilized to respond to a variety of problems. Students discussed the issues of brain injury in sports and then constructed protective helmets, which they tested with a ‘brain-toss’ off the top of the parking garage at the college. They also tested sensory and motor neurons through reflex experiments and examined the anatomy of the brain through observation and dissection. Reviews of the day were very positive and demonstrated that inquiry and fun are not mutually exclusive!

Picture: Students dissected the brain of a sheep at Science Day.

Faculty members at Northwest District Science DayOn March 5, allied health, science, and math faculty members served as judges at the Northwest District Science Day for the “Outstanding Projects in Biology, Chemistry or Medicine.” Fourteen district finalists applied for the awards with four awards being granted. A high school senior, Pauline Brenner, won first place with a project on motion sickness. The next two awards went to Sanja Jinka for work on breast cancer utilizing cell culture and microscopy techniques and Holly Schmenk for increasing levels of omega 3 fatty acids within egg production. The final award went to Margaret Bohmer for her work on the neurological effects of Bisphenol A (BPA) on C. elegans. Mercy College was also a sponsor for the event.

Mercy College faculty members who served as judges at Northwest District Science Day.
Front: Lakshmi Dalwalla
Back L-R: Vickie Delaney, Barbara Stoos, Chris Gibbons, Nick Schmall, and Treasure Sucheck

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