Mercy College Participates in Mercy Health Glass City Marathon

Kathryn Bubrig

On Sunday, April 23, 2017 Mercy College employees and students participated in the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon. From running to full marathon and half marathon to volunteering and water stations, Mercy College employees and students were seen around the race course. 

As best described by Mercy College employee, Dan French, Ph.D. (pictured below, second from left in front row), who ran the full marathon, "I have been lucky enough to compete in marathons across the country. While I've seen a lot of sights in my travels, none top seeing my colleagues from Mercy College between miles 21 and 24. I have learned along the way that keeping the body hydrated is one thing, but it is spiritual hydration that is more vital. It is what we do for each other and what we do for our students; provide the support to go on when things get challenging.The word "inspire" is part of our mission statement for a reason, we inspire and encourage in the metaphorical marathon that is healthcare education, and prepare students to serve in the community. It's a long road, but from what I know, there is no better group to help others reach the finish."

Pictured below are Glass City Marathon participants and volunteers from Mercy College of Ohio

image of GCM volunteers and runners from Mercy College

Mercy College is proud to support the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon!

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