Mercy College Scores Near Top On Return On Investment

Finding jobs with excellent starting salaries is highly likely for Mercy College of Ohio graduates, according to a study released by Georgetown University*. Among 4500 colleges and universities, Mercy College was ranked in the top 2% for Return On Investment (ROI) after ten years and the top 5% for ROI after 40 years.

Susan Wajert, PhD, President of Mercy College says, "Our healthcare focus is what moved us to near the top of the list. Mercy College's degree and certificate programs prepare students for in-demand careers. Graduates not only can easily find jobs, but they enter the workforce with higher salaries with an average annual income above $50,000. We are proud of our graduates' success, and the impact they have on the communities in which they work and serve - both in the care they provide and the economic impact they make." While online programs have expanded Mercy College's geographic footprint to 31 states, the majority of graduates choose to remain in Ohio and Michigan.

Although the degree programs for those wanting to become nurses remain the largest at Mercy College, healthcare programs at the certificate, associate, bachelor's, and graduate levels provide a wide array of options for those looking to enter or advance in healthcare careers. Certificates in Paramedic, Ophthalmic Assistant, Medical Coding and Polysomnographic Technology can usually be completed in less than a year so graduates can enter the workforce more quickly. Online bachelor's programs in Medical Imaging and Healthcare Administration are available as well as a Master of Health Administration - also offered in an online format.

The demand for nurses has reached levels the highest levels in 80 years, and Mercy College graduates over 200 nurses each year for Ohio’s job market. Mercy offers paths to becoming a nurse at the associate and bachelor's degree levels, with an evening/weekend program for those who have obligations during the day. Those who have an RN license can pursue their education in the RN-BSN program, and for those who have a BSN, Mercy College offers a Master of Science in Nursing.

With the value of higher education being questioned, Mercy College offers high quality education with an excellent Return on Investment. Just as the demand for employees to fill jobs in healthcare is projected to continue to grow Mercy College graduates will continue to be in high demand.

*The report released by Georgetown University, Center on Education and the Workforce ranked 4500 colleges and universities in the United States based on return on investment (ROI) titled A First Try at ROI: Ranking 4,500 Colleges. Georgetown used Net Present Value (NPV) to determine the rankings. Net Present Value is a way to compare the cost of investing in college now against the potential gains over time. Mercy College's NPV at ten years is $248,000, and the NPV at 40 years is $1,206,000.

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