New Vice President of Academic Affairs and Assistant Dean of Nursing at Mercy College

Denise Hudgin

Kenneth Ryalls, PhD, (pictured below, left) and Gail Lis, DNP, ACNP BC, (pictured below, right) have begun in their new positions at Mercy College of Ohio (Mercy College), Dr. Ryalls as the Vice President of Academic Affairs/Dean of Faculty and Dr. Lis as the Assistant Dean of Nursing and Professor. Dr. Ryalls replaces Dr. Trevor Bates, who became the President of Wilmington College in January.

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Susan Wajert, PhD, President of Mercy College says, “Both new members of the team are great fits and have hit the ground running. Dr. Ryalls' experience at Nebraska Methodist College in Omaha, NE, a hospital-based college very similar to Mercy College particularly prepared him well for this role.” Dr. Ryalls served as the Vice President for Academic Affairs at Nebraska Methodist College. Dr. Lis comes from Madonna University in Livonia Michigan where she has served in several diverse leadership roles, includingnursepractitioner program director, graduate chairperson, and associate Dean. She has experience in teaching undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students.

Dr. Ryalls says, “I’m feel fortunate to have the opportunity to serve the Mercy College community and support those providing the healthcare education for which Mercy is known.” He adds, “I’m eager to build on the success that is in place. Some of my goals are to forward the cause of quality education at Mercy by expanding program offerings, becoming more innovative in how we support the teaching and learning of our students, and providing excellent professional development opportunities to our faculty.”

Dr. Ryalls will be moving to Toledo by the end of January. “Toledo is a great city, and I look forward to getting to know the people in the Toledo community,” says Dr. Ryalls.

Dr. Lis has extensive background in program and curriculum development at all levels. She is passionate about teaching and implements diverse active learning strategies in the classroom. Dr. Lis remains an active clinician that allows the opportunity to care for patients at the bedside in her role as an infectious disease nurse practitioner.

"I am very humbled to serve in this capacity at Mercy College. I look forward to working with each Mercy College member to facilitate the growth of the college and maintain excellence in education. In the very short time that I have been here, I can see the mission come to life."

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