The National Catholic College Admission Association Scholarship

The National CCAA Scholarship is offered annually to college-bound high school seniors and transfer students from two-year/community colleges attending one of the National CCAA member institutions in the fall.

To be eligible for the National CCAA Scholarship:
1. Applicants must graduate in the spring (e.g., spring 2020 high school graduation for fall 2020 awards).
2. Recipients must be accepted to one or more National CCAA member institutions.
3. Recipients must enroll in a National CCAA member institution beginning in the fall.

The application for students entering college in fall 2020 can be found here. The deadline to apply is March 20, 2020. The application takes only a few minutes to complete. Only high school seniors and transfer applicants from two-year/community colleges graduating in spring 2020 and entering college in fall 2020 are eligible to apply. For fall 2020, the National CCAA will award 16 one-time $1,000 awards.

Applicants will ONLY be contacted if they have been randomly selected as award winners (via email first, then phone/text if provided). The award process begins in late March and runs until winners in each of the eight regions have been confirmed as enrolling at a National CCAA member institution in Fall 2020 (the process may continue through the summer, if needed).

Attach a File to Be Uploaded to the Website (Please use only for files to be uploaded to the website, not for files listing changes.)

National CCAA Scholarship Application

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