Sample Program of Study

Health Information Technology

Semester I

Course Number Course Name
BIO 105 Human Structure and Function
ENG 101 English Composition I
HIT 104 Introduction to Medical Coding Systems
HIT 114 Foundations in Health Information Technology
HIT 105 Medical Terminology

Semester II

Course Number Course Name
BIO 290 Pathophysiology
ENG 102 English Composition II
HCA 105 Productivity Applications for Healthcare Professionals
HIT 110 Pharmacology for Health Information Technology
HIT 126 Clinical Coding/Classification Systems I

Semester III

Course Number Course Name
HIT 150 Professional Practice Lab
HIT 234 Clinical Coding/Classification Systems II
MTH 100 Intermediate Algebra

Semester IV

Course Number Course Name
HIT 142 Legal Aspects in Health Information
HIT 205 Data Management and Applications
HIT 216 Information Systems in Healthcare
HIT 220 Health Information in Ancillary Care Facilities
HIT 243 Clinical Quality Management

Semester V

Course Number Course Name
HIT 238 Healthcare Registries and Statistics
HIT 244 Healthcare Data in Reimbursement
HIT 248 Health Information Management and Leadership
HIT 250 Professional Practice Experience and HIT Seminar
REL 290 Medical Ethics

*Biology pre-req required.

**PPE is not online. However, students may have the opportunity to attend their Professional Practice Experience (PPE) locally or at one of the College’s established PPE sites. Contact the Program Director for more information on the PPE requirements.